Reading Room Public Works Loan Consultation Results

The Parish Council and Reading Room Trustees are delighted to be able to tell you that the village has voted overwhelmingly in support of a Public Works Loan application to help finance the renovation and extension of the Reading Room. More detailed information can be found below.

Reading Room Public Works Loan Final Consultation

You should have, or will shortly receive, a hand delivered package from the Parish Council and the Reading Room Trustees asking for your support for a Public Works Loan to provide funding for the Renovation and Extension of the Reading Room.

The following documents are contained in the pack:

Public Works Loan Consultation Letter to Residents

Reading Room Renovation and  Extension Project Costs and Funding

Ballot Form

We are also hosting two drop in sessions in the Reading Room on Saturday 12th October.  Please come along to discuss the project and the funding with the Reading Room Trustees and Parish Councillors.
The first session will be from 11.00am to 12.30 pm where we will be serving tea, coffee and cakes.
The second session will be from 6.30pm until 8pm when we will be serving wine, beer and soft drinks.

The closing date for the vote is Tuesday 15th October.

You can also cast your vote online.

Reading Room Consultation July 2019 Results

Thank you very much for responding to our recent Reading Room consultation.

We have now collated the responses and the majority, by a clear margin, expressed the view that we should abandon the new build option and focus on the renovation and extension plan for which we already have planning permission.

The detailed results can be found below.

There were a small number of valid issues raised. The Reading Room Trustees have addressed these in the document below.

Reading Room Consultation July 2019

You should by now have received a hand delivered package from the Reading Room Committee requesting your input to guide us on how to direct our time and energy to get to the next stage of the Reading Room Renovation project.

We will be holding a coffee morning drop in session on Saturday 13th July between 10 and 1pm at the Reading Room when the Trustees will be available to answer questions, to assist in making your decision.

You can also submit your input online using our online survey.

The contents of the consultation pack can be found below:

1)  Letter to residents explaining what we are asking and giving further information on the options presented.

2)  Consultation Advice form - use this to tell us what you think.

RR Consultation Advice Form.pdf RR Consultation Advice Form.pdf
Size : 392.61 Kb
Type : pdf

3)  Background to the Renovation Project - what has happened over the last 2 years

Renovation Project Background Document.pdf Renovation Project Background Document.pdf
Size : 400.826 Kb
Type : pdf

4)  Plan showing the renovation and extension design for which we have planning permission.

Renovate and Extend Plan.pdf Renovate and Extend Plan.pdf
Size : 77.108 Kb
Type : pdf

Reading Room Update June 2019

This document explains where the Trustees have got to with the renovation project and explains that we need input from the Village on where to direct our energies. A consultation will be held shortly.

Important Reading Room Update June 2019.pdf Important Reading Room Update June 2019.pdf
Size : 243.932 Kb
Type : pdf

Public Works Loan for the Reading Room - 2019/20 Shipton Precept Summary  -  dated  February 2019

As you are aware the Shipton Parish precept has increased this year to potentially fund a Public Works Loan to support the Reading Room Renovation. This documents seeks to explain the situation and was sent to the village in February 2019.

Public Works Loan for the Reading Room.pdf Public Works Loan for the Reading Room.pdf
Size : 193.389 Kb
Type : pdf

 Reading Room Renovation Update Nov 2018

The Reading Room Refurbishment is moving ahead. In recent months there have been a number of important developments which we need to share with the village because they could significantly change the structure of the project.

Reading Room Project Update November 2018.pdf Reading Room Project Update November 2018.pdf
Size : 221.987 Kb
Type : pdf

Village Consultation Survey Results

Village Consultation 14th October Presentation Material

A 3D Model of the proposed extension can be found here