In 2011, as part of the process for developing a Parish Plan for Shipton, the Parish Council held a survey of all the residents in the parish, with questionnaires delivered door-to-door.
An analysis of the survey results indicated that vehicle speed through Shipton was of great concern to village residents, with 73% of the responses citing it as a major problem. A speed monitoring survey conducted by the police revealed that, whilst most drivers restrict their speed to about 20mph, speeds in excess of 40mph were recorded.
In response to villagers’ concerns, the Parish Council has formed a group of volunteers to join the nationwide Community Speedwatch initiative; members have undertaken training by the police in the use of speed guns and monitoring techniques. Speed monitoring sessions now take place at intervals throughout the year.
Our purpose is to act on the concerns of residents by raising awareness of speed for the greater safety of us all, not only in the village but throughout the parish. The results are published to residents via email and are also placed on the website. The speed data we publish is anonymous: only those vehicles travelling well in excess of the speed limit have their details noted. If there are repeated, flagrant examples of illegal driving then these details may be referred to the police. Prosecutions are unlikely but repeat offenders may be interviewed or receive a letter.

Speedwatch 2016 Results

It is very good to note that most drivers are, in most places, restricting their speed to less than 25mph.  These are the speeds recorded during visible speedwatch observation.  We (the parish council) would like this to be the case for every driver in every place, with or without speedwatch observation and recording.  The particular problem sites, of those monitored, are Syreford Road and Dark Lane.  Non-vehicle users need to note that these are the least safe areas to use the road.

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